Monday, June 13, 2011


for ur info it's only been a few mins since i wrote my last blog cause my teacher is givin us some more time 2 surf the net. and if u guys want my opinion, better read the last blog first. but i really dont know what 2 write about. cause if i started writting then it will b very, VERY long indeed...

well, i missed skulduggery and val...
hmm, what's new. oh and i thought i saw derek wrote somethin bout TWO new villains, right? if their twin and both of them r girls, i think i'm gonna like them. hehehe...

oh and i got fucking hell of homeworks and projects(so ever very sory 4 the mean word)

uhh, and definately of course i missed all of u so much but even if i dont say it, u guys already knew right?

time's at my side at first, but i really waste it that it left me. u guys know what i mean? if u dont, it means i've waste a lot of time this year, which happens 2 b the year where i 'm gettin my 2nd most important exam of my life.


i was really hoping that if i get a good result, i wanted 2 continue studyin in UK. it doesnt need 2 be a great school, i just want a normal high school. u c, i'm actually kindda...umm..this is so embarrasin...umm.. i'm actually kindda bad at my own language. and the bad news is , next year i'm gonna b learnin math and science in MY language. i dont think i can get a good result in my last important exam if i'm studying MT and SCIENCE in my language. i mean, i've gotten so used with studyin those subject in eng, even if my result is kindda bad( and that 's bcause i didnt really study 4 it), try 2 imagine learnin it with ANOTHER(meanin my) LANGUAGE!

I'D B DEAD!!!!!!!

ok, well, hope u guys r doin as grand as me( plez b better than my situation, really dont want u guys 2 b in my shoes, or another worse shoes). i'm gonna check derek's blog now ok?

mis and love u guys so much!

c u soon~!


  1. OK

    Let's start.

    Kallista has been allowed to return to the bog! Huzzah! Her parents saw sense in the end I think.

    Well some people aren't that great however. Lenka Sweet and Sarthacus in particular haven't been having such a good time recently.

    The villains are called the Jitter Girls and there's three of them.

    However lots of new people have joined which is nice. A lot of people including me have been on less since we all have loads of exams.

    My GCSE's are almost over, just 1 more week to go.

    We all miss you tremendously

    Thanks so much for posting. Hope you do great in your exams I have confidence in you!



  2. KNIGHT!
    How awesome to here from you again. As Octa has already told you, I am allowed to return to the blogs.
    My mother is distracted with other things now so the weight of her dissaproval is off me for a bit. :) YAY!
    There are a lot of friends who don't come on as often due to more homework and studing for a billion exams! (well, maybe not a billion. But it sure seems that way. :P)
    I hope you do well on your exams too! Thank you for taking the time to remember us and posting.
    *hugs Knight*
    (much more nice to be huged by Octa I think...)