Thursday, March 31, 2011

not 2 worry!

hey guys!!! *knight forces a smile nothin special happened, just still boring average everyday. oh and lizzy, as much as i draw anime, i didnt draw the pic from the last post. thnx u guys for cheerin me up. .... OH WHO AM I KINDDIN!!!!!!! I'M DYIN WITHOUT U GUYS!!!! I'M GOIN INSANE BY THE MINUTE!!!!!!! oh and right now my friend's sittin bside me readin some of my comment. she doesnt speak english much. i'm listenin 2 korean song. i dunno, i started 2 like korean song cause u c, after i went home from school one day, i was bored 2 death, so i actually watch a music video chanel and watch korean and japenese(i think, all i'm certain is that most of them r korean songs) video. i really like their songs... remainds me a lot of u guys and how i often i felt lonely... i 'm suffering right now, so most of the song really suits me. well, at least i'm a bit happy 2 spend time with my mom. we both watched CSI at, let's say 10 o'clock. my favourite CSI is CSI miami. I LOVE HARATIO!!!!!! my friend really GOTTA 2 GO!!!! well, till next time, oh and send my regards 2 the people who i hvnt met in derek's blog and also... D-D-De- DEREK!!!!! there i said it! ALSO SEND MY REGARDS 2 DEREK!!!! oh and please wish me luck for my exam this year and also in buyin(or searchin) skulduggery pleasant's book 6 KNIGHT FANTASY'S OUT!!! PEACE OUT YO!!!!!