Sunday, January 30, 2011

my beloved blog friends...

hey guys!!!
sameold, same old, i'm at the siber.

ok, i dont really hv that much 2 say except congrates 2 all my friends that derek wrote bout ur fanfic in his blog.

u guys must b so happy the...... umm...( oh god i cant bring my self 2 say it!)
the... err... umm..(get on with it knight!!!!!!)..umm...

*dragona kick the **** outta knight*



he praised u guys in his blog.

oh and just cause i said golden god, does mean i worship or even accept the nickname!!!!
u guys cxalled him by that right?!!!!!

cause i will never, EVER b derek's minion!

*dragona slaps knight's face so hard she comes back 2 reallity*

thnx dragona, i needed that...

ok so, i apoligized 2 my teacher bout the whole chair thing and she forgave me. bout it felt akward... i know i dont hv 2, but, yeah i still did it.

i'm havin a school holiday right now, cause it's chinese new year.

hmm, what else should i talk bout...

oh yeah, and i'm goin 2 my grandparents house this wednesday.

my hv i been selfish...

so how r all my blog friends?
how's life,
how's school,
how's family,
how's study,
how's health, how-

*dragona did a flip kick at knight*

ok, i think it's better if i stop...

well, i cant recall anythin else, ok than, miss u guys!

Sunday, January 23, 2011



it's so sweet 2 hear from u guys again!

thnx kallista!
and thnx dragona and lunar 4 commentin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the usual. i'm at the siber again....

and i dont really hv that much of a time.

so, i'm still hvin a cough, a sore throat and a flu....
aint that just peachy.....

dont think that there's anythin new...

oh, yesterday i asked my mom that what will she do 2 my stuff if i die, she answered that she will giv it 2 other people. i already ....umm... let out my feelins in my room after she said that but, what do u guys feel if ur mother said that?
and this is just an innocent question ok.

wow, i've sure missed a lot of derek's post huh?...
and happy birthday laura!

oh and bout my friend, u know, my friend who is a boy...(cause if i say'boyfriend' than that will totally make u guys think of another meanin, lol!
he likes the preasant i bought him, thnk godness...

well, that's it.
i dont THINK i hv anythin 2 say anymore...
thnx guys!!!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


i'm at the Siber again....
thnx kallista and thrice 4 always commentin bout my blog.

aww kallista, i really feel sory 4 u if u cant come 2 the blog as often as u usually would, i'm sure the SP gangs r gonna be feelin empty cause somethins missin... dont worry, keep hangin on there girlfriend!
i'm havin fun with my friends thanx 4 askin, but i hv a problem 2. i'll tell u after i say a few words 2 thrice.

thrice, thnx 4 comentin, it's really nice of u 2 do so even if u'r not bein force 2.
thnx 4 lettin me know bout orius. it's ok if he cant b here, i wont mind. he is sick after all( and juggin by the sound of it, sounded kindda serious 2...)
can u tell him, i wish him 2 get well soon?
hope ur doin fine as well thrice.

i just recovered from a fever, but hving a very painful cough and sore throat right now.

ok, bout the problem i hv at school. u c, it was a normal...BORIN, school day as usual, and me and my classmates r learnin with this teacher...
we were hvin fun a bit, laughin and things like that. i loved the teacher( at 1st) cause she was the 1st teacher that was cheerful when we meet for the 1st time. so like i said, we were just learnin and hvin fun as usual, and then the teacher wanted 2 sit down. as u all know, i was sittin at the back row(also known as the last row). suddenly, while i was doin my work that the teacher gave us, my classmates started 2 make a bit noise, i kindda didnt care at 1st, but i looked up and didnt c my teacher so i poke my friend who sat beside me and asked her, where'd the teacher go?

she faced in front and told me (in a panic) that the teacher fell down. i looked carefully and finally saw my teacher was lyin on the ground. i was shocked. i didnt help her up cause i was 2 far bhind, i thought that mayb the front rows r gonna help, but they didnt do anythin.
when my teacher got up, she looked very, VERY upset.

the teacher looked at the chair and noticed that the back leg was broken.
i was speechless...
cause remember the time whan i told u guys that me and my classmates hv 2 clean our classroom? when i was cleanin the window, i stood on that chair and i almost fell, but i managed 2 fell on my feet( so i didnt really fell....). i felt lucky, heh...
anyway, i felt that the chair should not b use cause some1 could fall while sittin on it, so i asked my class teacher, 'where should i put it?'

she told me 2 put it outside the class. i was positive, 100% sure that, THAT was a BAD idea. what if some1 put the chair back inside the class, or some other pupils needed a chair and used that 1?
but i couldnt argue of i just left it outside.

and that is y i am speechless when i saw the teacher just fell from THAT chair!!!!!!!!!!!!

'we're gonna die'...
was all that i was thinkin after the teacher said
"what wrongs did i ever do 2 u guys" and left our class just like that....

me and my friend who sat bside me quickly went out the class 2 find that teacher 2 apologize and explain that it wasnt our (all of us) fault, but we couldnt find her. we wanted 2 get back 2 class but then my other friends came down and told us that they were lookin 4 the teacher 2 apologize 2, so we went and look 4 the teacher 2gether. me and my friend who sat bside me saw the teacher, and we ran 2 her 2 apologize. but she went into the teachers recess place(which us students arent allowed in, i think) so we kindda mumble sory 2 the teacher( her eyes and face were red and her eyes were wet, so i knew she cried).
but u know what she did?

she stared at us the coldest stare i've ever seen...
i've naver been stared like that b4...
and then she just turned and walked away...
my friend and i went quit...
i'm not really good at sayin sory seriously, and now that i've tried 2 apologize seriously, she embarrassed me in front of the other teacher.

res berries...
i've had it!!!!!

u know what, if that teacher wants 2 sulk, than go ahead!!!!!!!!
y should my classmates and me even bother!!!
it wasnt our fault!!!!!!
but if she wouldnt listen that y the @#$%#*% should i CARE!!!!!!!!

and u know what?
when me and my friends got back 2 class, ther were 3 teachers scoldin the whole class!!!!!!!!!!

but then thnk godness, after the 2 teachers had gone, the teacher who was left at our class was our english teacher and she ask us :

"u guys really didnt do this?"

and we all said no, and than she believed us and told us next time 2 check the class b4 we started any lesson, cause we share our class with one of the worse of the worst students in the school.
so, it wasnt our fault. and then the other teacher, the 1 that came 2 scold our class just now told us that he said we're gonna b a bit ok, considerin that we shared the class. so the teachers dont really blamed us. and i think, we wont b busted. and he also told that he was sory 4 us cause we hv 2 share our room with the worse students.

even though our teacher came back 2 the class 2 teach us, things were never the same again.

so that's 1 of my stories...

sory if i bore u guys 2 much, well, send my regards 2 every1 ok?

Friday, January 7, 2011

help me!!!!

thnx guys 4 comentin!!!!

orius is sick?
i'm sory 2 hear that thrice.
tell him, i wish him get well soon.

my family r all out right now. and like i told u guys, my parents (my mom ) wont let me use the internet.

i'm at a 'siber cafe ' right now...

the letters on the keyboard r not clear...
it's kindda hard 2 write...

i scratch my right hand's middle finger while i was cleanin the school's window.
me and my friends were bein force 2 go 2 school (2 clean up our class)...

still in a bad pickle here guys...


oh and thnx kallista and thrice 4 commentin a lot!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


well, thnx guys 4 commentin!

really appreciate it!
it's in the night right now, but i kindda play the internet without permission....

my big bro's borrowin this laptop and internet, so i took the chance...

well, what i can tell u guys is...
i really hate school...
the teachers r strict like crazy and even when they smile, it's not really a smile, it's a SMIRK!!!!!
with a little BLACKMAIL!!!!!
(this is 4 school works and homeworks of course...)

well, but not all of them r strict and scary, some r really sportin and nice.
but majority is 'scary and strict'...

on the 1st day of school...
and we already hv 2 do a project...

*screams like a mad woman*
i hate school!
i hate it!
hate it!
hate it!
hate it!

somehow, when i listen 2 the radio in the night...
i keep on thinkin what r u guys killin, fightin and commentin bout 2day...

already miss u guys so much!

thnx a lot every1~!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

time 2 say goodbye...

ok, here we go.

cant believe it's time 2 say goodbye already. i'm in a hurry so i'm typin really fast.

i want u guys 2 know, that just cause i typed another person's name 1st or if i didnt type ur name at all, doesnt mean i love u guys less. cause i love and care 4 all of u EQUALLY.

that was stupid...
i got 2 sentimental...

ok, so lets get on with this...
thnk godness it's noisy,
and i'm in a hurry
or else i'm cryin right now

kallista, thnx a lot 4 everythin!
u cheered me up almost everytime i come 2 derek's blog or overblog.
u hv 2 keep on bein urself no matter what people say bout u or ask u 2 b, ok?
cause it's U that's cheerin people's day up.
and dont keep things 2 urself, tell the others ur problem.
mayb they can help, ok?

dragona, u were like a big brother 2 me in this blog( although i am older than u).
thnx 4 listenin 2 me, while i'm babbling for not such a big deal.
i whine 2 much...
sory and thnx!
keep up the good work in takin care of flo, ok?
also, try not 2 throw, or kill 2 much people....

darkane, lol, u and flo r like my big sis, thnx 4 everythin!

bolt, keep it up with ur book/ story/ fanfic. i may never read them, but the others keep on commentin bout how good u r none stop made me 100% that ur r good in makin stories, keep up the good work!
thnx 4 also bfriendin with me!

octa, ur a really nice person, it feels like ur babysittin us cause ur the oldest here i think, and the longest as well, and ur fun!
also, ur a great poetry.

lunar, i hope ur cheerful again, just like kallista!
try not 2 annoy dragona 2 much ok?

pandora and jaffa , i'm glad i get 2 meet u guys b4 i go!
u guys r really nice.
and also, like lunar, try not 2 annoy dragona so much, ok?
cause i still wanna c u guys again...
which i do not know when...

orius, and thrice!
boy, u guys r really close that sometimes i really think that u guys r actually real brothers!
both of u r really nice 2 me.
thrice, i really dont know how 2 thank u,
all i can say is thnks 4 EVERYTHIN!
orius, where were u...
i was really hopin 2 talk 2 u 4 the last time but...
nah it's ok.
thnks 4 makin me feel special orius, no offence but i think of u as a lil bro.
ur wonderful!

thor, stop zappin kallista with thunder ok?
lol, and thnx 4 bein so nice 2 me!

lizzy and nicol!
my girls!
thnx 4 cheerin me up when i'm down as well!

ben, hope ur fine and thnx 4 everythin as well.
ur made me feel important in the blog!
really appreciate it!

spud, although i just meet u once, hope u come and b friends with the others 2!
they're 1 in a million friends u know?
they're great!
keep up on bein crazy! lol

wonka, as much as u annoy me, but it was really fun fightin with u!
come back, we miss u, dont we guys?

flo, it seems like i didnt get 2 talk 2 u, huh?
i really miss u.
tell ur friend, if possible, i said thnx 4 tellin all of us where u were, i think her name's maggie

nicol, lol, thnx.
i hurt ur feelins yet u and the others forgive me just like it was nothin.
thnx a bunch!

skyril and gecko, miss u so, plez come back.
2 bad i couldnt talk 2 u guys anymore...

guys, i would write more and more touching things...

i didnt forget the two mary as well, but i'm really in a hurry!

i wont forget u!

and tell derek i said 2 him...

thnx... thnx a lot!
if it wasnt 4 him, i would never meet a person like him and amazin people like u guys!