Tuesday, January 24, 2012


for octa and kallista, i hope u guys read the last comment i posted b4 u read this.

listenin 2 hannah montana's song, butterfly fly away. Just got home from grandparents house.
got somethin scary 2 tell.

i slept in a room at my grandparent's house. this room hadnt been used 4 a long time.
until my mother and aunt decided 2 clean the place up after a while after i told them that i thought i saw this room's door closed, but there was no wind and no one there.

So after renovatin and cleanin up, it was not such a bad room. so what happened was that me and my 2 lil cousins(girls of course) got 2 sleep there last week until yesterday or 2 days ago while i was at my grandparents'. c, that's place was ok now, nothin disturbed any1 includin my 2 lil cousins. but on the 1st, or 2nd night, while i was sleepin, i woke up in the middle of the night.
it was kindda blurry so i cant recall if it was real or whether i was just havin a nightmare. i tried 2 turned my sleepin position, but i couldnt. i tried again, but i cant. i thought it was just me and my mind and body that's causin this. but then i looked up on my body, i saw a black figure sittin on me, it was a human shape. it was smiling or laughin... i couldnt remember which one. when it was smilin/laughin, i saw it's sharp teeth. i was panicking on the inside, i wanted 2 scream cause my cousins r just on the floor bside me while i was on the bed, but i was afraid that people r gonna come 2 me 2 late. cause 2 wake my cousins up was 2 shake them and call them a few time. while my mom, lil brothers, cousin, aunt and uncle was downstairs, asleep. my grandparents were upstairs like me but in a different room. i dont even think any of my family could hear me if i scream. and also bcause, either my voice would'nt come out or i was afraid that if i scream, that thing was gonna do somethin horrible 2 me. so what did i do?
i turned my face 2 my right side since i can turn my hole body facin 2 the right. and i just told myself 2 shut my eyes and go back 2 sleep.

can u imagine?
this figure was like Venom in Spiderman.
but scarier. mayb it was a remnent...



wait a min...

and i'm definitely not crazy!
ok mayb i am, but still, U GUYS KNOW WHAT I MEAN!!!!!!!!
i'm not makin this up, but like i said i couldnt remember if it's a nightmare or real.

i dunno...
i could remember each and every detail and i could remember what i was thinkin and feelin.
it felt so real. if it was a nightmare i would forget a lot of things and details, but i can really remember this one.

what do u guys think bout this?

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


dont hv much time

Y WONT SP B IN MARCH???!!!!!!!!!!!

oh and HI KALLISTA!!!!!
miss u like crazy!thnx kallista 4 the chat room, but i dont really know how 2 use it.
and bsides, i like 2 comment with u guys at derek's blog and then readin at his blog bout just how crazy we r.but, still, again thnx so much 4 carin

thnx 4 takin the time 2 comment!!!!
congrates 4 bein in SP's 6th book!
derek must really like u!!!!!!

just as all my friends in the blog!
i'm sure that derek likes all of u!
i bet he blew up his head just 2 choose which one of u guys he should put in the book!!!!

oh and octa, thnx 4 the bad news...
although it seemed as if that news has crushed almost everythin that keep's me sane and up everyday, but still, thnx.
if it werent 4 u, i would hv hoped on nothin.

ok, c ya soon, bye!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, January 15, 2012


octa, thnx 4 the tips 2 help me comment. but i cant. this computer doest hv it i guess.

what do u mean 'sp's world book day'? i thought the only thing commin this march is just sp 7th book. what do u do in sp's world book day anyway? wait, does this mean i got the wrong info? is sp 7 not commin at march?... hu...


*listenin 2 'disturbia'

how i missed this song.

and i miss my friends from the blog.

hey, octa, just a suggestion, but try 2 open aziatix 'slippin' away'
it's a song, it's nice. almost everythin i here from music reminded me of SP and Val when i'm still 2 addicted 2 it.

this goes 2 the othe members 2!
ARGH!!!! i miss u guys so much!
i wish i can chat with u guys again and just b insane like we always do.

ok, sory 4 the short comment. i dont hv much time left, ok, c ya soon!!!!
send my regards 2 the others and derek. IF u hv the chance.
oh can some1 PLEZ tell derek that 4 the 1st time(i think) i'm beggin him 2 make SP's movie and PLEZ 1oox take johnny depp as skulduggery!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

love u guys!!!!!!

ok, y doesnt tis computer let me comment in derek's blog?!! grrrr....
mayb it hates me... huhuhuhu....

i'm supposed 2 meet my friend here at the siber, but either she's comin at 3 or i'm the one who's late and that made her thinkin that i wasnt comin.

i dont hv a phone and i cant use my mom's. somethin's wrong with it.

i'm very worried. i thought i can do this project that our teacher ask us 2 do by myself, but i can cause i hvnt read the book that was supposed 2 b my presentation's theme. i wanna open the website of it that the teacher had told my class but i wrote the email addres in another book and now i'm really hopin that my patner in my presentation would come at 3 and she will hv everythin under control....

octa, how r u doin? thnx 4 writtin comments in my blog even though u r busy. i really appreciate that. hope the others r doin fine and crazy 2. derek seemed 2 b childish and insane as usual. so it's seemed that everything and every1 at the blog r just normal. lookin as how u define normal...


god i miss u guys so much. oh, is derek gonna put some of his lucky fans inside SP's 7th book?
wow, hope put's people that i know.

i'm tryin 2 catch up with my study right now.
hope i'm gettin better....

ok, gotta go, bye!
c ya later!



Sunday, January 8, 2012

doin ok

i'm goin 2 participate in the taekwondo club!!!!
cant wait!!!!
this also goes 2 the 7th sp book!
thinkin bout it make me kindda cheer up, even when i am at school. it took the boredom away!
that's probably a good sign...

hey my best buddys from the internet. i saw dereks blog and it seemed almost all the friends i know r substitute by new people. u guys didnt write anythin?
to busy? same. well, the good news is, is that derek has a lot of fans... well, this is a good news 4 him.

i wanna say more but i dont think most of u guys hv the time 2 read this and so i assume that i'm talkin 2 myself. oh, now that is a bad sign... am i right?

*gets knocked over by a fryin pan and been shouted by an crazy lady*

oww... i'm gonna hv a horn now...

ok, where were we? oh yes, hope u guys r doin fine with ur studies, ur surrounding condition and ur health.
i guess u can say that i'm pretty well thnx 2 my god and SP's books( the 6th and the comin 7th book)

i dont really hv much time left, so, i guess i'll complain 2 u guys another day if i hv the chance.

oh and someone plez take care of derek b4 he starts 2 go crazy...

but u guys arent! u guys r..um, a bit.. um... aha!!!
u guys only hv an untight skru in ur brains!!!!
yeah, that's it!!!! hahahahaha!!!!!!

*dragona hits knight with a fryin pan

ok.... ok...now i'm bleedin....
and i'm.... sorry....
sheesh... cant take a joke......


ok, bye guys!!! miss u!!!!
c ya soon!!!!

oh and aint mokona cute!!!!