Thursday, March 31, 2011

not 2 worry!

hey guys!!! *knight forces a smile nothin special happened, just still boring average everyday. oh and lizzy, as much as i draw anime, i didnt draw the pic from the last post. thnx u guys for cheerin me up. .... OH WHO AM I KINDDIN!!!!!!! I'M DYIN WITHOUT U GUYS!!!! I'M GOIN INSANE BY THE MINUTE!!!!!!! oh and right now my friend's sittin bside me readin some of my comment. she doesnt speak english much. i'm listenin 2 korean song. i dunno, i started 2 like korean song cause u c, after i went home from school one day, i was bored 2 death, so i actually watch a music video chanel and watch korean and japenese(i think, all i'm certain is that most of them r korean songs) video. i really like their songs... remainds me a lot of u guys and how i often i felt lonely... i 'm suffering right now, so most of the song really suits me. well, at least i'm a bit happy 2 spend time with my mom. we both watched CSI at, let's say 10 o'clock. my favourite CSI is CSI miami. I LOVE HARATIO!!!!!! my friend really GOTTA 2 GO!!!! well, till next time, oh and send my regards 2 the people who i hvnt met in derek's blog and also... D-D-De- DEREK!!!!! there i said it! ALSO SEND MY REGARDS 2 DEREK!!!! oh and please wish me luck for my exam this year and also in buyin(or searchin) skulduggery pleasant's book 6 KNIGHT FANTASY'S OUT!!! PEACE OUT YO!!!!!


  1. KNIGHT!!!!!
    *tackles Knight in a hug*
    Good to see you! Hang in there my friend. We miss you too! I will send your greeting to Derek right after I post this comment. :D
    Many people are not on right now due to heavy studying and exams!
    It's hard cause I miss them too! I have not been on as often either.
    I have to say that I love the CSI's and the NCIS.
    But I'm with you on the CSI Miami! I love Horatio too! XDDDDD
    *high fives Knight*
    Well, I'm off to go post your greeting to Derek!
    TTake care and until next time my friend!
    *salutes Knight*

  2. It great to hear from you again! what kind's of anime do you watch? because recently i have been sucked into the wonderful, crazy, world of Fullmetal Alchemist along with Black Butler.
    A false smile is better then no smile, keep going because we're all rooting for you :)
    *salutes Knight*

  3. It's great to hear from you Knight.

    I really miss you!
    Good luck in your exams. I bet you'll do great!
    *salutes Knight and bows*

  4. Hi Knight!

    (Commenting late cos my comp got a virus)

    Hang in there! Say HI to your friend from ME!!!

    I like CSI New York the best...


  5. Hey Knight!


    Sorry for not commenting earlier but I've had so many exams. Not been on blogger for a while

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    GO to your blogs and post a plea to Kallista's parents to let her come on as she did before. Tell them what you think of her and tell them how great she is. Get all the blogs in Blogland posting some such as I have said. I hope they will see it. I don't know that they will, but all we can do is hope and post our thoughts of our dear friend Kallista Pendragon!

    I am doing a round trip and posting this comment on as many blogs as I can reach. But I need you to help. Write up a post, then copy and paste this comment to any blog that I have missed.

    I am sure that at least one time in the past we have been encouraged, complimented or helped out by Kallista. Now it's our turn to give back that favor.

    Once you have completed your post, head down to the Bio-Rama and post a link to it in the comments section of the latest post.