Sunday, December 11, 2011

the sufferin continues....

hi, hope u guys r doin much better that i am.

i read comments 4 the last post. thnx 4 understandin. umm, i dunno. i really dont wanna complain 2 u guys. or any1, i think. oh and kallista, dont worry, it's already a habit 4 me that everytime i wanna cry, i would just walk 2 my room and lock the door, and then cry. sometimes if i'm angry and upset at the same time, i would switch on the radio loudly, then i would scream quietly.

hey, i can hide my post from u guys right? i dont wanna complain bcause it's annoyin, i think it's a small matter, i'll b burdenin people with it. i'd feel embarassed later when i flash back bout it and other reasons. can some1 tell me how? sory if i didnt know how.

and now i notice that i'm startin 2 like bein alone. and since it's been a while since i went 2 school, when i went there last thursday, i find it hard 2 pretend that i'm all jolly well happy again like i always do. and when i did smile, i dont like it at all and feel like my smile wasnt workin like it used 2. weird...

hm, guess that's it, bye!

ps: sory if i sounded like i dont care the welfare of u guys, bcause i do

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