Thursday, December 29, 2011

new year

i'm in a noisy siber full with boys...
couldnt find my pendrive in this computer, couldnt really hear my music, and it's dark.
this is just plain wrong...
butit's been a while since iwent 2 the siber, and printin here is really cheap.

i've recently liked one piece again and the reason y i put the word 'again' is because when i was a kid, i liked it, but then i stopped watching and so started 2 not like it, but then istarted watching it again, and i like it. wow, that was twisted....

i got my results, i got 4A, 3B and a C. 4 me, it's a big improvement. i usually got...err.., lesser A...
hehehe. everybody said that my problem was just bein lazy, that's all. and i believe them.

i just ask the man in charge of the siber i'm at, and he said, i couldnt open my pendrive in this computer... man, this sucks... how am i suposed 2 print somethin if i cant choose what it is that i wanna print?!!!!

oh well. oh my family said, the result was good enough 4 them. i am so relief...
so, 2 summin everythin up, i'm doin, kindda well(?!). i hvnt gotten the 6th SP book yet, but,i already told my mom and she said she will buy it 4 me .

u know what, 2 or 3 days ago, if i'm not mistaken, i was eatin fruit with me mom, and while we're talkin, she suddenly ask me whether i hv a counselor in my school, and when i say yes, i do, she told me that if i hv a prob, i should go and seek him or her. i said that's fine, i'm ok. but then she raised her voice a bit and said that i should go and talk 2 him or her. she told me that she wasnt there 4 me 2 talk 2, so it's better if i talk 2 the counselor.

umm, i'll continue later. oh and how was every1's xmas? is it cold where u guys r from? is it still snowin? tell me, tell me, tell me!!!!!

i'll b waitin 2 hear ur stories!!!

ok, c u soon!

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  1. Knight! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    CONGRATULATONS WITH THE EXAM RESULTS! So happy your parents found the results good enough! And enjoy Deathbringer! It's amazing :D

    *hugs Knight*

    I haven't had any snow this year. Hopefully next year.

    So glad to hear from you again! :D