Sunday, January 15, 2012


octa, thnx 4 the tips 2 help me comment. but i cant. this computer doest hv it i guess.

what do u mean 'sp's world book day'? i thought the only thing commin this march is just sp 7th book. what do u do in sp's world book day anyway? wait, does this mean i got the wrong info? is sp 7 not commin at march?... hu...


*listenin 2 'disturbia'

how i missed this song.

and i miss my friends from the blog.

hey, octa, just a suggestion, but try 2 open aziatix 'slippin' away'
it's a song, it's nice. almost everythin i here from music reminded me of SP and Val when i'm still 2 addicted 2 it.

this goes 2 the othe members 2!
ARGH!!!! i miss u guys so much!
i wish i can chat with u guys again and just b insane like we always do.

ok, sory 4 the short comment. i dont hv much time left, ok, c ya soon!!!!
send my regards 2 the others and derek. IF u hv the chance.
oh can some1 PLEZ tell derek that 4 the 1st time(i think) i'm beggin him 2 make SP's movie and PLEZ 1oox take johnny depp as skulduggery!!!!!!!!!


  1. No Book 7 isn't coming out in March but in September.

    Instead Derek is writing a small book called 'The End of the Wolrd' which will be published in March.

  2. *hugs Knight* HELLO KNIGHT! It's great to see something from you again. I have had a rough time lately with my computer Viruses and all that. Have also been ill. All this plus my school work and chores has gotten me far behind everything. Just wanted to let you know so you know you are not forgotten or ignored.
    Most times now it seems as if I read the posts here but am not as quick as before to leave comments. :P
    Hope that changes soon.
    Is it possible that you can come on the chat with us sometimes?

    Can't always tell who will be on at that time. But if you can try it when ever you are able that would be EPIC!
    *hugs* Take care Knight. :D