Sunday, January 8, 2012

doin ok

i'm goin 2 participate in the taekwondo club!!!!
cant wait!!!!
this also goes 2 the 7th sp book!
thinkin bout it make me kindda cheer up, even when i am at school. it took the boredom away!
that's probably a good sign...

hey my best buddys from the internet. i saw dereks blog and it seemed almost all the friends i know r substitute by new people. u guys didnt write anythin?
to busy? same. well, the good news is, is that derek has a lot of fans... well, this is a good news 4 him.

i wanna say more but i dont think most of u guys hv the time 2 read this and so i assume that i'm talkin 2 myself. oh, now that is a bad sign... am i right?

*gets knocked over by a fryin pan and been shouted by an crazy lady*

oww... i'm gonna hv a horn now...

ok, where were we? oh yes, hope u guys r doin fine with ur studies, ur surrounding condition and ur health.
i guess u can say that i'm pretty well thnx 2 my god and SP's books( the 6th and the comin 7th book)

i dont really hv much time left, so, i guess i'll complain 2 u guys another day if i hv the chance.

oh and someone plez take care of derek b4 he starts 2 go crazy...

but u guys arent! u guys, a bit.. um... aha!!!
u guys only hv an untight skru in ur brains!!!!
yeah, that's it!!!! hahahahaha!!!!!!

*dragona hits knight with a fryin pan

ok.... i'm bleedin....
and i'm.... sorry....
sheesh... cant take a joke......


ok, bye guys!!! miss u!!!!
c ya soon!!!!

oh and aint mokona cute!!!!

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