Tuesday, January 24, 2012


for octa and kallista, i hope u guys read the last comment i posted b4 u read this.

listenin 2 hannah montana's song, butterfly fly away. Just got home from grandparents house.
got somethin scary 2 tell.

i slept in a room at my grandparent's house. this room hadnt been used 4 a long time.
until my mother and aunt decided 2 clean the place up after a while after i told them that i thought i saw this room's door closed, but there was no wind and no one there.

So after renovatin and cleanin up, it was not such a bad room. so what happened was that me and my 2 lil cousins(girls of course) got 2 sleep there last week until yesterday or 2 days ago while i was at my grandparents'. c, that's place was ok now, nothin disturbed any1 includin my 2 lil cousins. but on the 1st, or 2nd night, while i was sleepin, i woke up in the middle of the night.
it was kindda blurry so i cant recall if it was real or whether i was just havin a nightmare. i tried 2 turned my sleepin position, but i couldnt. i tried again, but i cant. i thought it was just me and my mind and body that's causin this. but then i looked up on my body, i saw a black figure sittin on me, it was a human shape. it was smiling or laughin... i couldnt remember which one. when it was smilin/laughin, i saw it's sharp teeth. i was panicking on the inside, i wanted 2 scream cause my cousins r just on the floor bside me while i was on the bed, but i was afraid that people r gonna come 2 me 2 late. cause 2 wake my cousins up was 2 shake them and call them a few time. while my mom, lil brothers, cousin, aunt and uncle was downstairs, asleep. my grandparents were upstairs like me but in a different room. i dont even think any of my family could hear me if i scream. and also bcause, either my voice would'nt come out or i was afraid that if i scream, that thing was gonna do somethin horrible 2 me. so what did i do?
i turned my face 2 my right side since i can turn my hole body facin 2 the right. and i just told myself 2 shut my eyes and go back 2 sleep.

can u imagine?
this figure was like Venom in Spiderman.
but scarier. mayb it was a remnent...



wait a min...

and i'm definitely not crazy!
ok mayb i am, but still, U GUYS KNOW WHAT I MEAN!!!!!!!!
i'm not makin this up, but like i said i couldnt remember if it's a nightmare or real.

i dunno...
i could remember each and every detail and i could remember what i was thinkin and feelin.
it felt so real. if it was a nightmare i would forget a lot of things and details, but i can really remember this one.

what do u guys think bout this?

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  1. *hugs her tightly*
    I'm sorry you had such a nightmareish experience Knight. Do you watch horror films at all?
    A mind is a powerful thing and I think we forget that at times. When we sleep our mind takes what we have experienced up to that point, what we have seen and what we feel. It sort of jumbles things up and then sometimes plays out like a movie while we sleep. I have had bad dreams too and can usually remember things I have seen that have caused me to dream such a thing.
    Now I'm gonna get a little "religious" on you cause I have had some experiences close to what you have. Only difference is I really didn't see anything. But when I was younger, like 6 years or something. I prayed to God that I would never see a demon. (this was after hearing a Bible story where Jesus encounters a demon) Freaked me out so I prayed that prayer. I feel that my request has been honored. But I feel that at times my nightmares were provoked by some. I was in that place inbetween waking and sleeping and where I can't move, or speak and I feel something touching me and it's creepy.
    I believe in God and in Jesus and when I make myself wake up, I reach for the Bible and read a Psalm out loud and give praise to God. I also say a prayer and know that nothing can happen to me unless it's the will of God whom I believe.
    Now I don't mean to put something in here that was not directly ask for. But I kinda had to if I was to share my own experience.
    One more thing, in the New Testament of the Bible, believers are told to think on all that are lovely and pure and good. Philippians, chapter 4 verse 8. We are also told not to give in to a spirit of fear.
    I will pray for you that you will not have anymore of those kinds of experiences Knight.