Saturday, December 4, 2010

thank you octaboona, it's very sweet...

Octaboona Ambrosius- Paragon of The 17 Tiny Chocolate Fire Breathing Mice Whom My Collective Conciousness And Personality Is Divided Between Champion of the Purple Horde said...


Farewell my friend, my golden knight, my joy
I miss you more than any words could say
Although I never got to know you well
A little piece of my heart dies
To hear of your departure

My body racked with pain I weep
For a friendship never made
At the loss that rings inside me
My soul is sheathed in sorrow
To hear of your going

A tear rolls down my face
Ravaged with grief
The past is history
The future a mystery
But now is a gift
Every moment spent with you so precious
Although I barely knew you
My eyes well up with longing
For a shattered bond that never truly formed

The harsh winds of winter
Have nipped the bud of our friendship
And thus ceases a truly beautiful flower
That holds on only in my mind

And although you may never hear these words
I cry them out to the world
To halt the pain that we feel
At your going

At last I come to the hardest words I’ve ever had to say
But say them I must
As I finish my farewell
That you’ll never hear
A sob filled choked out cry
That masked the last words ever said between us