Sunday, January 2, 2011

time 2 say goodbye...

ok, here we go.

cant believe it's time 2 say goodbye already. i'm in a hurry so i'm typin really fast.

i want u guys 2 know, that just cause i typed another person's name 1st or if i didnt type ur name at all, doesnt mean i love u guys less. cause i love and care 4 all of u EQUALLY.

that was stupid...
i got 2 sentimental...

ok, so lets get on with this...
thnk godness it's noisy,
and i'm in a hurry
or else i'm cryin right now

kallista, thnx a lot 4 everythin!
u cheered me up almost everytime i come 2 derek's blog or overblog.
u hv 2 keep on bein urself no matter what people say bout u or ask u 2 b, ok?
cause it's U that's cheerin people's day up.
and dont keep things 2 urself, tell the others ur problem.
mayb they can help, ok?

dragona, u were like a big brother 2 me in this blog( although i am older than u).
thnx 4 listenin 2 me, while i'm babbling for not such a big deal.
i whine 2 much...
sory and thnx!
keep up the good work in takin care of flo, ok?
also, try not 2 throw, or kill 2 much people....

darkane, lol, u and flo r like my big sis, thnx 4 everythin!

bolt, keep it up with ur book/ story/ fanfic. i may never read them, but the others keep on commentin bout how good u r none stop made me 100% that ur r good in makin stories, keep up the good work!
thnx 4 also bfriendin with me!

octa, ur a really nice person, it feels like ur babysittin us cause ur the oldest here i think, and the longest as well, and ur fun!
also, ur a great poetry.

lunar, i hope ur cheerful again, just like kallista!
try not 2 annoy dragona 2 much ok?

pandora and jaffa , i'm glad i get 2 meet u guys b4 i go!
u guys r really nice.
and also, like lunar, try not 2 annoy dragona so much, ok?
cause i still wanna c u guys again...
which i do not know when...

orius, and thrice!
boy, u guys r really close that sometimes i really think that u guys r actually real brothers!
both of u r really nice 2 me.
thrice, i really dont know how 2 thank u,
all i can say is thnks 4 EVERYTHIN!
orius, where were u...
i was really hopin 2 talk 2 u 4 the last time but...
nah it's ok.
thnks 4 makin me feel special orius, no offence but i think of u as a lil bro.
ur wonderful!

thor, stop zappin kallista with thunder ok?
lol, and thnx 4 bein so nice 2 me!

lizzy and nicol!
my girls!
thnx 4 cheerin me up when i'm down as well!

ben, hope ur fine and thnx 4 everythin as well.
ur made me feel important in the blog!
really appreciate it!

spud, although i just meet u once, hope u come and b friends with the others 2!
they're 1 in a million friends u know?
they're great!
keep up on bein crazy! lol

wonka, as much as u annoy me, but it was really fun fightin with u!
come back, we miss u, dont we guys?

flo, it seems like i didnt get 2 talk 2 u, huh?
i really miss u.
tell ur friend, if possible, i said thnx 4 tellin all of us where u were, i think her name's maggie

nicol, lol, thnx.
i hurt ur feelins yet u and the others forgive me just like it was nothin.
thnx a bunch!

skyril and gecko, miss u so, plez come back.
2 bad i couldnt talk 2 u guys anymore...

guys, i would write more and more touching things...

i didnt forget the two mary as well, but i'm really in a hurry!

i wont forget u!

and tell derek i said 2 him...

thnx... thnx a lot!
if it wasnt 4 him, i would never meet a person like him and amazin people like u guys!



  1. Bye Knight. I'll miss you too and I hope we'll be seeing you soon. Hope you have a good time at school (maybe NOT if it's bad :P) and we might be seeing you on weekends and holidays? I know you'll pop in sometime and I think it's good that you've done a post like this, even if you've rushed it. I shall TRY and not kill too many people and I'll keep up for the good work. But you don't babble... you talk. We've all forgiven you for what you said and I hope we'll be talking to you soon.

  2. I will believe that I will see you again Knight!

    Our thoughts and my prayers will be with you everyday! Keep your chin up!
    We have had a lot of fun with you. I expect to have more memories with you in the future. :)
    I will be coming on here to keep you informed of all the craziness that goes on in SP land.

    Take care of yourself Missy or else I'll stick bananas in your ears! :P
    Bye for now!

    *salutes Knight*

  3. Knight: I can't tell you how much me (Great and Powerful God of Thunder) and all the rest of the SP gang are going to miss you!

    I know this first hand, so please believe me when I tell you this: No matter how long you're gone for, when (i refuse to say "if") you come back, we will give you one hell of a welcome!

    And hey, even though you were rushing, that's one great goodbye post.

    I'll try to get a bit more.... control over my lightning powers.... maybe :)

    Bye for now Knight!
    Remember: Even if you can't talk to us, we are ALWAYS there for you!

  4. *lines up vampire army for a 21 gun salute*

    Goodbye Knight! I will miss you a lot and hope to hear from you over summer break (or whenever you have time off). hmmm... last chance to make you go LOL. yesterday i had a snowball fight with my dad, we ended up facing off, me with a sled shield and a flag pole for a weapon and dad with a trash can lid and snowballs. I won because i sat on him. *looks very proud* anyways I'll miss you and i hope that your new school doesn't suck that much.

    Far Thy Well Knight!
    *vampires fire off 21 gun salute*

  5. *in a daze walks in front of vampires giving off 21 gun salute*

    *gets shot 21 times....vampires smelling blood dive on top of Kallista*

    *she screams crazily and gets struck by 999,999,999 bolts of lightning*

    *looks up as she smolders and sees vampires running away*

    *the lightning has SAVED her*


  6. Knight, this will work out no matter what!
    you can talk to us here!

    Orius is my best friend.

    i will make sure he comes on here soon!
    sorry about the fact i went for a while too