Friday, January 7, 2011

help me!!!!

thnx guys 4 comentin!!!!

orius is sick?
i'm sory 2 hear that thrice.
tell him, i wish him get well soon.

my family r all out right now. and like i told u guys, my parents (my mom ) wont let me use the internet.

i'm at a 'siber cafe ' right now...

the letters on the keyboard r not clear...
it's kindda hard 2 write...

i scratch my right hand's middle finger while i was cleanin the school's window.
me and my friends were bein force 2 go 2 school (2 clean up our class)...

still in a bad pickle here guys...


oh and thnx kallista and thrice 4 commentin a lot!


  1. *hugs Knight*

    I so wish I could fly to your rescue in person and be there for you and help you!
    Does not sound like much fun that you have to clean! Seems strange and unfair. I'm sorry to that you got hurt doing it!
    It's a shame you have to go to a internet cafe to chat with us all because your mom won't let you use the one you have at home.
    But I really admire your courage an cunning in doing so! Good job! :)
    Please hang in there as you have been doing!
    We miss you a lot too, so it's awesome to hear from you.
    Do you have fun with your friends at that school?

  2. havent been in contact with orius today... i have been nagging him too come on here thought

    told spud about you leaving... tanith too

  3. I won't be on as much anymore either, Knight as my situation has also changed. But I will be thinking of you and hoping things continue to get better. :)

  4. orius is now in hospital, he wanted to come on yesterday but he couldn't

  5. Aaaaaaaaaaahhh! What's going on with Orius?
    I hope he feels better.

    How are YOU doing, Knight?

    Thinking of you and hoping you are doing ok!