Tuesday, January 4, 2011


well, thnx guys 4 commentin!

really appreciate it!
it's in the night right now, but i kindda play the internet without permission....

my big bro's borrowin this laptop and internet, so i took the chance...

well, what i can tell u guys is...
i really hate school...
the teachers r strict like crazy and even when they smile, it's not really a smile, it's a SMIRK!!!!!
with a little BLACKMAIL!!!!!
(this is 4 school works and homeworks of course...)

well, but not all of them r strict and scary, some r really sportin and nice.
but majority is 'scary and strict'...

on the 1st day of school...
and we already hv 2 do a project...

*screams like a mad woman*
i hate school!
i hate it!
hate it!
hate it!
hate it!

somehow, when i listen 2 the radio in the night...
i keep on thinkin what r u guys killin, fightin and commentin bout 2day...

already miss u guys so much!

thnx a lot every1~!


  1. well... hope you get along well. hope the teachers aren't too mean to you.
    i havent been on the blog yet today so feel proud. i came here before anything else.

  2. Keep on being strong Knight! I'm so glad you had a chance to let us know how you are doing.....even if it is a bit rough for you. I want to know when you are having a good day and when you are not. I don't want you to ever feel alone!
    Remember our thoughts are with you, hoping for the best for you and that we may have a chance to chat again!

  3. Missing you Knight but hoping your school situatin will get better as time moves on. I am REALLY gld you came on for a bit yesterday. Even though it was so short, It was awesome to hear from you! Continue to stay in touch as you are able! :)
    A reminder to you:
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you! :)

  4. YES! we did miss you yesterday Knight! It will take a while to get ajusted with you not being on here everyday. It feels a bit off balance. But I keep holding on to the hope that you will be able to pop on from time to time and even though you might not be able to speak directly to us, or we to you, we can leave these little messeges for you. Hopefuly you will be encouraged enough to continue your life as it is now.
    Take care Knight!