Sunday, January 23, 2011



it's so sweet 2 hear from u guys again!

thnx kallista!
and thnx dragona and lunar 4 commentin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the usual. i'm at the siber again....

and i dont really hv that much of a time.

so, i'm still hvin a cough, a sore throat and a flu....
aint that just peachy.....

dont think that there's anythin new...

oh, yesterday i asked my mom that what will she do 2 my stuff if i die, she answered that she will giv it 2 other people. i already ....umm... let out my feelins in my room after she said that but, what do u guys feel if ur mother said that?
and this is just an innocent question ok.

wow, i've sure missed a lot of derek's post huh?...
and happy birthday laura!

oh and bout my friend, u know, my friend who is a boy...(cause if i say'boyfriend' than that will totally make u guys think of another meanin, lol!
he likes the preasant i bought him, thnk godness...

well, that's it.
i dont THINK i hv anythin 2 say anymore...
thnx guys!!!!


  1. *munches on a carrot*

    Well, I'm glad he liked the present!

    I'd be glad if my Mum said that, because my stuff would just rot away in my room, so at least it then has a use.

    Ta Ta.

  2. I'm also glad he liked the gift.

    I would want my stuff to either be given to friends who would remember me by it or donated to shelters or children's homes where they could enjoy my books.

  3. im glad he liked it... my old stuff is left to the mercy of my attic